ShenZhen ShengDian automatic equipment group, established in 2011, mainly manufactures and sells SMT production lines. We can create greater value for our customers by saving labor cost and creating better productivity benefits.

SMT Solder Paste Mixer

The SMT solder paste mixer is mainly used to evenly mix solder paste for SMT solder paste printing machine. The operation of the mixer is quite simple. And the mixer can realize automatic feeding.

SMT Solder Paste Printing Machine
SMT Placement Machine

The SMT placement machine can carry out mount technique on square PCB board, round PCB board, aluminum substrate and strip lights. The finished products can be used in producing resistor-capacitor, glass cylinder package diode, triode, TQFP package, QFN package, QFP package, BGA package, lamp pole etc.

SMT Reflow Soldering Machine
SMT Wave Soldering Machine
PCB Bare Board Stacker

The PCB bare board stacker is mainly used in the front part of the production line which can automatically transport the stacked bare board to the subsequent machines by dropping the board. Which means that it has the function of automatic board loading, so that it can match with PCB loader or be used as bare board unloader alone.

PCB Turn Conveyor

The PCB turn conveyor is used to transport PCB board automatically. It can realize PCB substrate turn and direction transforming. Thus the PCB turn conveyor can save labor cost, meanwhile, it can reduce artificial error and then reduce material consumption.

SMT PCB Conveyor
PCB Shuttle Conveyor
SMT PCB Loader
SMT PCB Unloader
SMT PCB Vacuum Loader

The SMT PCB vacuum loader we produced is mainly used to transport and shift the PCB board products and parts. It can realize labor cost saving, product precision and yield improving and manual error reducing and product quality improving by automatic operation.

Lifting PCB Loader

The lifting PCB loader can be used for PCB bare board loading in SMT production line. It can adjust the location of board loading and unloading in PCB board production line in order to transport the PCB board to corresponding machine for operation.

Shengdian can provide our customers with SMT production lines and full sets of assembly equipment. We can design and product PCB board production equipment according to customers' requirements; meanwhile, we can provide standardized equipment sets which are successful prototypes with practice of the market.

SMT (surface mount technology) system is a production line in which the surface mount device (SMD) is placed on the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The process flow mainly consists of screen printing (dispensing), pick-and-place (curing), reflow soldering. The PCBs produced can be widely used for capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits etc.