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What is SMT production line?
SMT (surface mount technology) system is a production line in which the surface mount device (SMD) is placed on the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The process flow mainly consists of screen printing (dispensing), pick-and-place (curing), reflow soldering. The PCBs produced can be widely used for capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits etc.

How to order your SMT equipment?
1. Tell us your requirements for SMT equipment including model, number, size, output, material etc. It is best to give us relevant drawings and requirement tables. With these drawings and tables, and the product you want to produce and the expected output, then we can provide our advice and design the corresponding production line configuration.

2. After product selecting and product configuration according to the parameters, you can decide your budget, then we will send you our quotation.

3. We can sign a sales contract to clear our rights and obligations after the price is determined.

4. After the signing of the contract, we will start raw material purchasing and then produce according to the drawings after receiving the payment.

5. We will carry out pre-shipment quality inspection for the finished products. If they are qualified, we will take a photo and then send the photo to you for confirming. Then the products will be packaged by wooden case, then be transported to ports in Shenzhen or Hongkong, China.

6. Please tell us if there are goods missing or damaged after receipt of goods in case affecting the normal use of equipment.

7. Please install and operate the machine according to the operation instruction we send to you. If there is any problem, please contact us in time. We will arrange online technical guider to help you with adjustment.

8. There is any problem during the process of using the machine, you can contact us.

Thanks for your attention and purchase. If you think that our service is good, please give us assistance with connecting to potential customers.

For each equipment, we will provide detailed product description and installation instructions and maintenance instructions. We can provide telephone and e-mail communication or on-site repairing and maintenance when our customers need it. You can get the answer from the instructions when there is any problem during the process of using equipment. You can also communicate with our after-sales service department via phone, then our engineers will help you to solve this problem online. We will equip each machine with relevant vulnerable parts according to specific circumstances before shipment.

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