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About us

ShenZhen ShengDian automatic equipment group, established in 2011, mainly manufactures and sells SMT production lines. We can create greater value for our customers by saving labor cost and creating better productivity benefits.

We mainly produce
Shengdian can provide our customers with SMT production lines and full sets of assembly equipment. We can design and product PCB board production equipment according to customers' requirements; meanwhile, we can provide standardized equipment sets which are successful prototypes with practice of the market. Besides, we can provide electronic product manufacturers with designing, planning and device configuration of the entire SMT production line. We can also provide corresponding equipment specific to part of the process to reduce labor cost and improve productivity efficiency for factories.

About us

Cost control
Shengdian implements zero-inventory management which means we will produce according to the orders, so that we can save the cost of holding materials and storage. For these reasons, our product has lower price while the quality is the same, so that it is cost-effective for our customers.

About us

About leader
Mr O, the founder of Shengdian, has more than 20 years of experience in this field. He once served as technology developer in Emerson and Foxconn. We believe that our equipment should realize production with high efficiency and safety by technical reform. We pay attention to every accessory of our products. So all the electronic accessories and driving devices are imported from Siemens, Schneider etc. to ensure stable operation.

Our factory
Our factory is located near Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, Guangdong, which is quite convenient. Shengdian has an engineer team for technology development and more than 100 experienced production technicians, so that we can carry out assembly and debugging according to customers' ordering requirements. Because we have good industrial supporting resources, so we can respond quickly to customers' need by customizing high quality automatic intelligent equipment according to customers' requirements and then improving productivity efficiency, saving production cost.

  • About us
  • About us

Our customers
Our equipment sets have been exported to more than 15 countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand etc.

ShenZhen ShengDian Automatic Equipment Group

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