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PCB Turn Conveyor

  • PCB Turn Conveyor
  • PCB Turn Conveyor

The PCB turn conveyor is used to transport PCB board automatically. It can realize PCB substrate turn and direction transforming. Thus the PCB turn conveyor can save labor cost, meanwhile, it can reduce artificial error and then reduce material consumption.

This machine can be used for board loading and unloading of 90 degree lifting angle in SMT production line. The supply voltage, transport height, transport direction can be set according to customers' requirements.

Technical parameters
Circulation time About 15 seconds
Power supply 220-230V AC (specify), single phase
Electrical load Approx. 180 VA
Air pressure 0.45-0.6Mpa
Gas flow Approx. 30L/min
Transport height 900±20mm (specify)
Transport direction L→R or R→L (optional)
Model 300 350
PCB board dimension (L×W) ~ (L×W) (50×50) ~ (450×300) (50×50) ~ (450×350)
Dimension (L×W×H) 520×520×900 570×570×900
Weight Approx.110kg 130kg

1. The top safety caps of PCB turn conveyor can be opened for machine hardware maintenance.
2. It is equipped with intelligent touch screen control interface which is quite convenient.
3. The turning speed of PCB board is adjustable to avoid skid.
4. It is equipped with stable width adjustment device (manual screw control).
5. It has small floor space.
6. It is equipped with compatible SMEMA port.

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