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SMT Reflow Soldering Machine

    1. 800L SMT Reflow Soldering MachineThe 800L SMT reflow soldering machine is mainly used for SMD soldering in SMT workshop for PCB board assembly, LED packaging, LED screen display etc. It is an automatic equipment. If the computer crashed unexpectedly, it can still realize offline production without affecting the production.
    1. 800M SMT Reflow Soldering MachineThe 800M SMT reflow soldering machine can carry out SMD soldering for 450mm PCB board, electronic components, package etc. The solder paste type can be lead-free solder, ordinary solder, SMD glue.
    1. 800XL SMT Reflow Soldering MachineThe 800XL SMT reflow soldering machine can be used to solder the electronic parts and components such as BGA, various types of IC, QFN, resistor, capacitor, diode etc. onto LED screen display and LED substrate. The machine dimension is 5310 *1560*1560mm. The production is fully automatic.
    1. 800S SMT Reflow Soldering MachineWe can provide complete SMT production line. The 800S SMT reflow soldering machine is a main equipment produced by Shengdian. It can melt the printed solder paste on the PCB substrate and then fix the components on the substrate. The substrate dimension is 310mm.