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Lifting PCB Loader

Lifting PCB Loader

The lifting PCB loader can be used for PCB bare board loading in SMT production line. It can adjust the location of board loading and unloading in PCB board production line in order to transport the PCB board to corresponding machine for operation.

Model: SD-300
Effective PCB Size (L×W)~(L×W): (50x50)~(500x300)mm
Dimension (L×W×H): 600x750x1250mm
Weight: Approx.110kg

Technical parameter
Cycle Time Approx. 10 seconds
Power Source 220-230VAC(specify), 1ph
Power Consumption 180VA max
Air Pressure 4-6 bar
Conveyor Height 900±20mm (or specify) 750±20mm (or specify)
PCB Conveyor Direction L→R / R→L

1. The lifting PCB loader is closed when it is working to ensure operating safety.
2. The top safety caps can be opened for machine hardware maintenance.
3. It is equipped with intelligent touch screen control interface which is quite convenient.
4. The lifting PCB loader can adjust the position of board loading and unloading to ensure that the PCB board can be transported to corresponding place correctly.
5. It is equipped with stable width adjustment device (manual screw control).
6. It has small floor space.
7. It is equipped with compatible SMEMA port.

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