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SMT Solder Paste Mixer

SMT Solder Paste Mixer

The SMT solder paste mixer is mainly used to evenly mix solder paste for SMT solder paste printing machine. The operation of the mixer is quite simple. And the mixer can realize automatic feeding.

It is mainly used in PCB production and LED packaging. By using this machine, the solder paste will be quite uniform. Meanwhile, it can save labor cost. The SMT solder paste mixer can also be used for other liquid material. The mixing-finished solder paste can be directly used for printing.

Basic parameters
Model: 3088
Stirring direction: clockwise direction
Power supply: one-phase (220V)
Outline dimensions: 420mm×420mm×427mm
Starting power: 0.1KW
Weight: 20KW

Shifter unit
Motor: single-phase 40W
Rotational speed: 380mm/mins
Track: linear track from HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES, Taiwan

Control part
Time setting: 0.1~9.9 minutes, stepping 0.1 minutes; 10~30minutes, stepping 1.0 minute.

Acceptable solder paste pot
M pot diameter: Φ60-Φ67
S pot diameter: Φ53-Φ60
L pot diameter: Φ67-Φ84

Features of SMT solder paste mixer
1. The solder paste used by the SMT solder paste mixer is leaned at 45 degrees, and it can rotate in the direction of the axis line, so that the solder paste will not pollute the pot cap.
2. It is equipped with double safety device to ensure personal safety.
3. It can clean up the air bubbles while mixing.
4. The automatic SMT solder paste mixer is equipped with specific control circuit which can control the mixing of solder paste systematically.
5. The stable rotational speed can avoid the effect of impact and overlarge temperature rise on solder paste quality.

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